Talent Attraction

Journey Partners specialise in helping growth organisations and start-ups find key hires who not only have excellent technical skill, but who are also an innate cultural fit for the organisation. Key to this is accelerating internationalisation, ensuring your organisation is well placed to take advantage of opportunities overseas.


Talent Acquisition:

We develop bespoke talent strategies, identifying your immediate and long-term needs and sourcing C-Level and senior management executives that will contribute to business success. Through detailed market mapping, we use both local and global networks to ensure that the best candidates are brought to you.


Diversity Hiring:

Companies often struggle to find the right diversity of candidates for senior positions and board level. We assist organisations to ensure that there is representation in decision making, finding diverse candidates internationally to suit your role.


Board Planning:

We provide support with board planning, ensuring that the skills, culture fit, diversity and international mix is one that futureproofs the organisation and that the directors can deliver true value through the expertise and contacts they bring.



The Irish overseas are a unique source of talent, bringing with them an understanding of the Irish marketplace along with insight into global best practice. Through our networks, we have attracted many Irish people back to these shores. Our diaspora are an ambitious and untapped resource for growth companies, who are particularly well placed to assist with internationalisation.


Consultants and Change Agents:

For organisations experiencing rapid change, sometimes the best solution is to make use of a consultant who has experienced these issues before. Whether you need a technical expert for a new piece of technology, a professional to drive the digital transformation of the company, or someone who can give the appropriate client-side advice at a delicate time, we use our networks to find the right fit for you.

This includes board and C-level advisory panels, genuine specialist key opinion leaders that can help identify gaps in the market, suitable technologies, and ease of market access to improve your chance of success.