Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Today, startups and existing businesses are having to move faster than ever before. Technology is shrinking the world and to quote Marc Andreesen: “Software is eating the world”. Entire industries are being disrupted every day and Fortune 500 companies are going out of business every year. At Journey Partners we have extensive experience both starting and scaling businesses ourselves and working with clients companies to do the same. At Journey Partners we have three guiding principles that can help you to Innovate, scale and grow customers like the most successful startups and class leading businesses.


Make small improvements

many small improvements can add up to industry leading performance. In sport, James Balisfort of Team GB coined the term “Agregation of marginal gains“.  At Journey partners, we believe that auditing your existing practices and making many small improvements that make you improve every day will allow you achieve class leading performance


Get Connected

Journey Partners have access to an extensive network of the influential professionals that can help you scale your business. Networking is one of the great unleveraged business techniques. We can help you expand your network effeciently and introduce to the right people saving you time from doing the legwork


Implement the latest business tools and techniques

Today, business plans have been replaced by  business modelling.  Lean startup techniques have “changed everything” and allow businesses to take the guesswork out of how they achieve the holy grail of product-market fit  Techniques such as Design Thinking allow businesses to innovate at a staggering pace from within. Allow us at Journey Partners to bring all of these amazing tools to your organisation.